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J-ROCK Guitar&Bass Tabs

Because we want to rock hard too

.:[ J-ROCK Guitar & Bass Tablatures ]:.
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Welcome to jrock_tabs!

This is a place where you can share and talk about J-ROCK guitar and bass tablatures. However, J-POP and Japanese scores (i.e. to the Final Fantasy games, or a Miyazaki film) are also allowed, as are sheet music/tabs for other instruments - piano, voice, drums, violin, etc.

1.) Put all guitar and bass tablatures and any sheet music behind a cut. When posting a .txt tab, please put it between < PRE > and < /PRE >.
2.) Piano/orchestral versions of songs are allowed. Tabs don't have to be complete before you post them. In fact, this is a place you can come to get help if you get stuck with a tab, so don't be afraid to ask!
3.) Please clearly state the name of the artist/songwriter and song of each tab. Don't forget to credit the tabber also, if you did not tab out the song.
4.) You may request tablatures, but please check the community directory and the more up-to-date tags list before requesting, and see the section below for further guidelines.
5.) Of course, you may discuss J-ROCK/POP/scores, J-ROCK/POP artists/composers, and guitar/bass playing in general. ^^
6.) You may advertise other communities, but don't go crazy with it.
7.) Treat the other members of the community with respect. No bashing!
8.) Tabbing takes a lot of time. Please remember to thank the tabbers if you download a tab they post (especially if it's a new post)!

CHECK THE DIRECTORY/TAGS LIST before you request a tab. Sometimes, we'll already have it uploaded. ;)

Aside from the obvious (artist name, song, specific parts wanted - if any), when posting requests, please include a bribe of some sort (a partial/full tab, .mp3 download, etc.). See this post for more details.

Tabs are tagged with: artist: [artist] and song: [first letter] (There are some exceptions to this with the more popular bands - please go for details)
Covers are tagged with: = covers: [artist]
Band ads (looking for collaborators, band members, a band, someone to practice with, etc.) are tagged with: *band ads
Requests are tagged with: request

For more on the tags list, go here. Right now, community members can use existing tags but not create new ones. Don't worry if you don't/can't tag your post - the mods will do it for you. :)

To see the full list of tags, click here!

NOTE: This community is not seeking to violate copyrights. It is encouraged that you buy official music, scorebooks and sheet music.

Places to buy scorebooks and/or music include:
HMV Japan
CD Japan
Like An Edison [ships in Japan only]

Places to upload files (tabs or songs) include:
Mediafire | Sendspace | 4shared
DivShare | Rapidshare | YouSendIt

Other Places to Look For Tabs (check these before making requests!):
reizero00's Tabs Site
sir_lucius300's Tabs/Guide to Tabbing

911 Tabs | [AnimeTabs] | GProTab | HT Guitar Tablatures by haetae
J-Rock Saga | J-Rock Tabber | J-Total Music (Navigation help here) | Lavendar no Heya
Tablatures | Tabsheaven | Tabsolutely | Ultimate-Guitar

Looking to Learn More About Reading Music/Playing an Instrument/etc.?
j_bassists | TopdoginUK @ Youtube: Music theory from the basics
Cyberfret: Guitar Scales | Justinguitar: Free guitar lessons
CyberfretBass: Basic Bass Lessons
Bass Clef Reading Practice | Treble Clef Reading Practice
Basic Music Theory

General J-Music/Visual Kei News Sites:
JaME World | musicJAPANplus | Shattered Tranquility
Visulog [JP] | Natalie (Pop Culture News Site) [JP]

Now, if all of that hasn't scared you off... welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself upon joining us!

Spread the word!! The more members, the better :)

Layout credit goes to fruitstyle!